Corporate Governance System

Reforming our Management Structure ~Moving Toward a Nominating Committee-based System~

In keeping with this approach, Toyoko Inn has transitioned to a committee-based company in order to ensure sound, transparent management practices, and adapt to environmental changes on May 31, 2006. More specifically, Toyoko Inn has strengthened its supervising agency, the board of directors, with some additional external members, to foster more power sharing among executives. Companies with nominated committe members, such as a "nominating committee," "compensation committee," and "auditing committee," the majority of the directors who make up each committee are from outside the company, and the management of the company is strictly checked from the perspective of a third party.


The role of each committee

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee has the authority to determine proposals concerning election and dismissal of directors to be submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Reward Committee

The Reward Committee has the authority to determine compensation of individual directors and executive officers.

Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee audits performance of duties of directors and executive officers and determines proposals concerning election and dismissal of the accounting auditor to be submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders.


Strengthening Compliance
~Office for Internal Auditing Established~

Recognizing that the most important aspect of risk management is strict adherence to the law and corporate ethics, Toyoko Inn has improved its compliance system over the years. Within this committee based company, the Auditing Committee acts as the main group of external board members−monitoring and verifying executive actions. An Office for Internal Auditing has been newly established to assist the Auditing Committee in ensuring company-wide adherence to the law. In addition to internal audit activities such as data monitoring, as part of efforts to promote understanding of compliance, we established the “Compliance Committee” linking Toyoko Inn and its group companies horizontally, where employees can consult on compliance-related matters.


General Employer Action Plan

  • Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd. has formulated the "General Employer Action Plan" as follows:

  • What is General Employer Action Plan

    Based on the "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation of Children", which is a plan formulated to encourage balance employee's work and child-rearing efforts.

  • Projection Period

    1 April 2022 ~ 31 May 202

  • Details

    1. Iimprovement of the employment environment

    • (1) Improvement of the work environment to support pregnant workers and workers raising children, to encourage work-life balance of the employee
    • ・To ensure the wellbeing of female workers during pregnancy and childbirth, we will create system to provide inform, and establish a consultation system.
    • ・Encourage male employees to take leave for the purpose of raising children
    • ・Implementation of measures to create an environment in which it is easy to take childcare leave and return to the workplace
    • ・Implementation of initiatives to enable female workers who take childcare leave, or raising children to continue working and play an active role in the workplace.
    • ・Implement measures available to workers raising children
    • ・Dissemination of various systems such as childcare leave based on the Childcare and Family Care Leave Act, childcare leave benefits based on the Employment Insurance Act, maternity leave under the Labor Standards Act
    • (2) Reviewing of work styles to contribute towars establishment of versatile working conditions
    • ・Implementation of measures to encourage the taking of annual paid leave
    • ・Introduction and establishment of a variety of employee categories, such as shortened-time full-time employees
    • ・Introduction of location-independent work styles such as remote working

    2. Measures to support the development of the next generation other than Section 1

    • ・Provision of employment experience opportunities such as internships to young people, employment through trial employment, securing appropriate recruitment and creating recruitment opportunities, improvement of employment management, and promotion of vocational training