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Message from the CEO

Toyoko Inn, to 100 years and beyond

Toyoko Inn opened its first hotel in 1986 in Kamata, Tokyo, and is now a global hotel chain expanding over six countries around the world, and have celebrated our 35th anniversary in 2021. Around the time when our first hotel branch opened, most business hotels were known to be “old, dirty, gloomy, and smelly” due to their inexpensive rooms. In such environment, the introduction of Toyoko Inn’s new concept of “modern hotels located near the railway stations” providing clean, secure, and yet affordable accommodation at convenient locations, begun to break the status quo that was surrounding the business hotels back then. This innovation has changed the fundamental business model for business hotels in Japan. Toyoko Inn takes pride in being a pioneer in creating the current Japanese business hotel culture.

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Corporate Purpose

(Toyoko Inn's Corporate Mission)

Toyoko Inn will be your travel base along each step of the way.

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Toyoko Inn Brand

Nationwide network of travel base

Toyoko Inn has set the standard for business hotels as being hotels located near the station and that are also "clean, secure, and affordable," for all customers, both business and leisure travelers. With the largest number of guest rooms in Japan across 42 prefectures, we support our guests by providing peace of mind, a comfortable stay, and pleasant service to recharge for tomorrow's journey.

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Toyoko Inn's SDGs Efforts/Initiatives

Toyoko Inn has more than 70,000 guest rooms and supports the "start" of the journey for more than 20 million guests a year. In addition, in the event of natural disasters, we also open our doors to those who have difficulty returning home and those in local communities who have difficulty staying at home. While playing a vital role as social infrastructure, hotels consume a lot of energy and consumables, as well as emit CO2 every day. This is why "creating hotels that consider the future of the earth" is our responsibility to operate a hotel with the largest number of rooms in Japan.

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At Toyoko Inn, we are looking for housekeeping, breakfast staff, receptionist, Manager, and so much more. Many of the part-time and full-time staff have started working in our warm and friendly hotels while being inexperienced in their field.

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